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About the Backhome Mircochip

No. If a lost pet is found and taken to a vet or SPCA, the pet will be scanned and the vet or spca will use the BackHome database to reunite the pet with its owner.

Registering pets

No, after the initial payment to the vet to implant the BackHome microchip, your pet’s data will remain in the BackHome database at no charge for the life of the pet.

No, before implanting a microchip, the vet will check that the pet is not already implanted. For a change of ownership in the database, documentation is required and the currently registered owner will be contacted to confirm that the pet has been sold / given to the new applicant.

This will ensure that pets found are re-homed as soon as possible, with the minimal amount to stress for the pet and the owner.

This will ensure that the pet’s details are captured into the database asap.

This ensures that the correct number is captured in the BackHome database.


Your pet will have to be re-registered on a Microchip Data base in the country of your new residence.

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